Custom Stone Interiors is a highly unusual fabrication shop in that the business owners are both degreed engineers with over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing management experience. Prior to starting up the fabrication business both owners were intimately involved in the design and manufacture of stone working machinery used in countertop fabrication.
CSI has three primary goals that have been the foundation of our successful business since our 1st day of operation:
“Best attainable” quality. This mandated the purchase of almost a quarter of a million dollars of equipment. The machined perfection possible with top of the line automated machinery is simply unattainable by hand.
Personal and professional customer service. This goal has resulted in a process where we provide a 24 hour turn around on quotes and give our customers unparalleled support in the selection of their stone, sinks, and finishing details.
8 working days from field measure to install. CSI utilizes a manufacturing management approach called QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing). This approach allows CSI to consistently deliver superior quality in substantially less time than is typical.
CSI is unique among area shops in that we do virtually no freehand work. Our sink cutouts, arcs, radiused corners, and straight edges are free of the ripples, flat spots, humps, and divots normal for work produced freehand or on inferior machinery. The difference in the appearance of the finished edge is apparent even to someone unfamiliar with granite fabrication.